Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Salem, OR

Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Salem, OR

Oregon has its own unique laws around personal injury when it comes to slip and fall accidents. The details are complicated and there is an immense amount of gray area. In order to navigate this tangle of laws and regulations call Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Salem, OR Lakepoint Law Firm, as we have the knowledge and experience to handle your slip and fall claim.

Gray Area

According to Oregon’s regulations it is the responsibility of a property owner to keep their environment “reasonably” maintained and safe for visitors. If they do not uphold this legal obligation a civil lawsuit can be filed against them, in the event of an injury. However, this leaves a lot of room for interpretation. For example, what is “reasonable” when it comes to cleanliness? What constitutes a hazardous condition? These are questions that are often settled during a lawsuit after an injury has taken place.

The gray area widens when it comes to proving that the owner of a premise knowingly neglected to uphold their “duty to care.” These duties include things like cleaning up spills, following building codes, fixing cracks in flooring and tears in carpeting, maintaining a smooth parking surface, and providing proper lighting. There are many more items that can be considered a responsibility for property owners. All of them are tricky to decipher and trickier still to prove that they were knowingly disregarded.

Injuries can turn your life upside down. Let us help you turn it right side up again!

Slip and Fall Accidents Are Common

Slip and Fall Accident Attorney Salem, OR

It may seem uncommon to be injured in a slip and fall accident. However you may be surprised to know that a CDC report cites 17,000 deaths, and over 1 million serious injuries occur in the US each year from slip and fall accidents. These accidents happen both in commercial and residential buildings. Businesses in Oregon are not required to have premise insurance, though they are not exempt from civil suits when they fail to maintain safety measures.

The Importance of Calling an Attorney

Because there is so much grey area it is imperative to contact Lakepoint Law Firm immediately after a slip and fall injury. It is important to obtain an attorney who is experienced with slip and fall accidents. Obtaining the relevant evidence after an injury has occurred is crucial. Without it a case may fall apart.

Contact Lakepoint Law Firm today. As a premier slip and fall accident law firm in Salem, our staff is well versed with years of personal injury experience dealing with slip and fall accidents. We will quickly gather the details of the accident and get to work on gathering evidence. We are on your side in gaining compensation for your injury.

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