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Workers Compensation Attorney

Workers' Compensation Attorney in Salem and Keizer, OR
We help protect your rights as a worker, so that you get the coverage you need

The tangle of a workers' compensation claim can be long and difficult; we specialize in walking you through this maze. Employees who are injured on the job have a right to medical care for any injuries incurred on the premises or in the course of their work duties. In many cases monetary compensation for temporary or permanent disabilities can be awarded. Most employers are required to carry insurance for workers' compensation, and an employer who does not comply is at risk for financial penalties. In the case where employers fail to carry this coverage, employees may be covered by a state-operated public uninsured employer fund which can be used to pay benefits.

It is illegal for an employer to terminate or refuse to hire an employee for having reported a workplace injury or filed a worker's compensation claim. Unfortunately, it is not easy to prove discrimination on the basis of the employee's claims history.

Employees cannot claim benefits under false pretenses. Many employers hire private investigators to review petitioners for workers' compensation on the chance that the employee has exaggerated their claim. These investigators can record video of the employee which may be admissible for trial if privacy restrictions are not violated. Engaging in sports or other strenuous activity may hurt your possibilities of a benefit award.

Some employers vigorously contest employee claims for worker's compensation payments. In any contested case, or in any case involving serious injury, a lawyer with specific experience in handling workers' compensation claims on behalf of injured workers should be consulted.



workers' compensation Claims:
Accident Claims

Have you been injured while on the job? If so then you could be entitled to compensation for not only any medical expenses you have had as a result of the injury but you could also be eligible for compensation for any lost time from work as a result of that injury. In order to get proper compensation for your injuries you need to document and report the injury as soon as it happens. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can take the burden off your hands.

Medical Claims

Have you recently had some medical complications as a result of your work? If you have had medical complications that you suspect are the direct result of some work related activity then don't hesitate any longer as you could be entitled to compensation for your medical complications. Having proper documentation of your medical complications are essential and being able to prove it is a result of your work activities is extremely important if your case is to stand up in court. If your case can be proven then you could be eligible for compensation for your medical bills and time lost. If you suspect that you have a case please contact us so that we can review your case as soon as possible.

Lost Time Claims

Have you recently had a work related injury or illness that has prevented you from performing your work? When a work related injury, illness or disability results in absence from work you are entitled to some form of workers' compensation for your lost time. For your case to stand you must have well documented medical reports from a doctor giving good reason and documented dates of lost time due to your work related injury. If you qualify you could be entitled to approximately two-thirds of the employees average weekly pay. If you feel that you have a work related reason for not being able to perform you job and have not been compensated for you time please contact us today so we can get you the compensation you deserve.

Death Claims

Have you experienced a death of a family member or dependent due to a work related accident or medical complication? If so you could be entitled to receive death benefits through their workers' compensation program. After a work related death a family can quickly incur large debts from the costs of burial and from the sudden loss of income in the family. Don't let those costs cause you a burden as many workers' compensation plans give death beneficiaries monetary compensation for funeral costs and even compensation for lost wages due to the untimely death. Please contact us as soon as possible so we can help with your situation.

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