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McMinnville OR Wine Tasting

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McMinnville OR, part of the Willamette Valley has become an attractive area for offering some of the best vineyards in the region. You will find dozens of vineyard owners who enjoy serving new customers and sharing their experience of crafting the finest wines.

A Simple Guide

Each year, the area is seeing massive growth in the number of vineyards and becoming a popular destination for wine tasting. Like every other event, a wine tasting event has certain protocols. If you are unfamiliar with these, here are some of the basics:

1. Helpful, Knowledgeable Staff

When you enter the wine tasting venue, you will generally be greeted by a member of the staff who is very knowledgeable about the vineyard and its wine selections. When you are new to wine tasting, having someone to help you understand what you should expect to taste in a wine is the best way to educate yourself. You can track the wines that you have tasted and take notes using your smartphone or a list provided by the vineyard.

2. The Wine Tasting Order

Most vineyards have a specific order in which they serve their tastings. The order generally starts from light to heavy and the shifts to dry to sweet. You do not have to taste every wine on the list, nor are you required to finish a taste if it is not to your liking. If you do not like the taste of a particular wine, you can dump the remaining content in the dump bucket.

3. Never Refill the Glass

As you finish each selection during the tasting, be sure to let your server know you are ready for the next taste. Do not ever refill the glass by yourself. In some states, it is illegal to do so.

4. Spitting the Wine

It is expected that you may not like every wine you taste. If you would prefer to spit out a taste you don’t care for, do not do so in the dump bucket. Some tasting rooms offer disposable cups. But it is best to ask before the tasting starts where you can dispose of any sample you don’t want to finish.

Wine Tours

Many wineries offer wine tasting packages. Wine tasting can be an adventure if you have the inclination towards nature, vineyards, greenery, and the zeal to learn about the manufacturing of wine. When you pick a leading vineyard in McMinnville OR, they will assist you with the planning of your wine tasting experience. If you prefer to plan your visit on your own, you can contact the vineyard. Be sure to consider the following points:

Making Reservations

Every vineyard is its own entity and may operate differently than another vineyard. They will discuss with you their availability, the number of visitors allowed per day, and accommodation provisions. When you contact vineyard, you can learn about these to ensure that you can make proper arrangements accordingly.

Tasting Experience

As mentioned above, there will likely be an order to the wines that you are tasting. You will receive a freshly brewed wine stored at appropriate temperatures. To truly appreciate the tasting experience, aerate the contents of your glass by holding the glass by the stem and swirling the wine before drinking it.

Selecting the Best Winery for Your Visit

Numerous providers offer varying wine tour packages in McMinnville OR. You can search for the packages using the internet to research and compare the different offerings. Speaking directly with the vineyard to get further details about a package will also help in making your decision. Additionally, go through the customer testimonials to ensure that you are opting for the right vineyard who delivers the best wine tasting experience.