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semi truck accident attorney salem oregonJust about any car accident is traumatic, stressful, and costly. Getting involved in a semi-truck accident can be even more catastrophic. It is common for a truck accident victim to suffer long-term effects such as the need for physical therapy, multiple surgeries, intense pain, and even loss of mobility. When you call Lakepoint Law Firm, you will get a knowledgeable and experienced truck accident lawyer in Salem to represent you. Jean Fischer and her team of attorneys has over 35 years of experience providing aggressive legal defense for clients involved in truck accidents. We fight to protect your rights and ensure fair financial compensation.

Semi-truck accidents are much more complex compared to a typical car crash for many reasons. A semi-truck is a much larger vehicle in both size and weight. Being involved in a truck accident greatly increases the severity of your injuries and, in turn, the cost of your medical bills. In addition, there is more likely to be significant damage to your property, including your vehicle and other personal possessions. These accidents also involve larger and more complex insurance policies as both the driver and the semi-truck are insured separately. Let our team of attorneys deal with the truck driver and trucking company to ensure you receive the appropriate settlement you deserve.

Causes Of Truck Accidents

Accidents involving a semi-truck can occur for several reasons. Often times a truck driver is responsible for traveling long distances, which can take a toll on them, resulting in sleepiness, poor judgment, and slow reaction times. Other accidents might be caused by faulty equipment, inadequate vehicle maintenance, or improperly loaded cargo. In any of these cases, the likelihood of a personal injury is significant. Our team of truck accident lawyers has years of experience with injury law and a high success rate for getting our clients the compensation they need.

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Truck Accident Law Firm Salem ORThe type of injuries that result from these accidents often involve extensive medical treatments and pain management, which can become extremely expensive very quickly. Without a semi-truck accident attorney who has extensive experience dealing with this specific kind of accident, you could be stuck paying for some or all of those bills on your own.

Many people get an offer from the at-fault party’s trucking company or insurance company for a settlement right away before they have had time to contact an attorney or assess the full extent of their damages and injuries. This settlement offer can sound like a lot of money, and people are often tempted to take it and close the claim. Don’t let this happen to you. Mounting medical costs, especially when they go on for months or years, can be greater than the victim could ever anticipate.

Jean Fischer and her team of personal injury attorneys at Lakepoint Law Firm, near Salem, OR have the experience in personal injury law that is needed to assist you in your claim. When you need a truck accident lawyer today, give us a call!