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Lakepoint Law Firm is your personal injury lawyer in Salem, OR. We provide the compassionate support you need to weather the stress after an injury. Jean Fischer delivers the type of experienced, aggressive legal representation that gets results. Her knowledgeable staff works diligently to protect your rights while you heal from your injuries.

A major part of what we do includes working with the other party’s insurance company and your own insurance company to obtain payment for medical bills, lost wages, auto repair, and a rental car (in the case of an auto accident). We also will work with your healthcare professionals to develop detailed records to support your claim. We communicate with you and explain your rights, guiding you through each step of the personal injury claim recovery process.

How can a personal injury attorney help you?

Get local representation now. When you need a personal injury attorney, you don’t want to wait to receive legal aid. We are available to speak with you now and offer a free initial consultation. This provides you with the opportunity to get to know our practice and have your questions answered. We’ll work with you to gather some information about your case, provide you with free legal advice regarding your specific case, and determine whether or not Lake Point Law Firm is the right firm to provide you with legal assistance.

While our firm’s main practice area is personal injury this encompasses a wide range of case types. These include motor vehicle, work, and pedestrian accidents. We understand how these incidents can negatively impact an individual and are known for providing compassionate and patient legal aid to our clients. Achieving fair compensation for our clients that adequately address their current and ongoing needs is one of our highest priorities.

We gather evidence and consult experts. Preparation is one of the largest components of personal injury cases. We may pull sources from a wide range of fields when gathering and compiling evidence for a case. These can include witnesses like police and first responders, forensic experts, and investigators assigned to your case. Many cases involve multiple parties and a complex combination of causes that lead to injury.

Proper determination of damage. Every personal injury case is unique. As an individual, your quality of life may be affected in ways that others are not. These differences should be taken into account and may include current and future medical expenditures, loss of wages, as well as changes to your lifestyle as a result of your injury. These determinations frequently consider information from consulting experts that may include medical professionals and financial advisers.


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We handle a wide variety of personal injury claims including

Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injuries can turn your life upside-down in a heartbeat. One moment you’re fine, the next you’re dealing with pain, a long rehabilitation process, a never-ending string of doctor appointments, insurance companies that refuse to be reasonable, and the financial pressures that quickly mount when you are injured and can’t earn a paycheck.

Legal issues involving your family are no less upsetting and can overwhelm you just as quickly and easily as if it happened to you. We keep the whole family in mind when offering communication and support. We are very successful in resolving claims to our clients’ satisfaction. Most claims are resolved through negotiation.

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Trust Your Case to an Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm

For people who have suffered an injury due to the action or inaction, of another person or entity, Lakepoint Law Firm’s team of experienced injury attorneys is standing by to provide elite legal representation in Salem and the surrounding areas.

Whether it’s a worker’s compensation claim, car accident, or catastrophic construction site incident, the legal professionals at Lakepoint Law Firm know what it takes to turn a valid legal claim into appropriate compensation.

Ms. Fischer,

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to truly thank you for everything you have done and are doing. It is very appreciated. When faced with this kind of crisis its truly horrifying, especially with the PTSD. Words just don’t express my gratitude. I know you are going above and beyond. I know this is just a card but THANK YOU. God Bless.

~ Joy