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Bicycle Accident Attorney Salem, OR

Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle Accident Attorney Salem, OR
Each year thousands of people are injured in bicycle accidents in Oregon. These occur in a variety of situations, ranging from a car running into a bicyclist, to a car running a bicyclist off the road. The resulting injuries can be relatively minor to catastrophic. Only a bicycle accident attorney in Salem, OR with significant experience handling bicycle injuries, such as Lakepoint Law Firm, can safely navigate the rules and regulations applicable to both bicyclists and motorists alike.

In Oregon, there are “Rules of the Road” that determine a person’s responsibility regarding the safe operation of their vehicle. Similarly, there are rules that apply specifically to bicycles, as well as to traffic sharing the road with bicycle riders. Motor vehicle drivers generally owe bicyclists the same duties they owe other motor vehicles. Bicycle riders generally owe motor vehicles the same duties they would if they were a motorist. However, the rights and responsibilities of both motorists and bicycles can quickly become blurred, as there is much overlap and the two don’t perfectly match up.

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Because of the overlap of responsibilities, a bicycle injury expert such as Lakepoint Law Firm is required to ensure that the bicycle rider fully protects his or her rights and is not taken advantage of by the motorist’s insurance company.