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On The Job Accident Attorney Salem OR

On the Job Accident Attorney in Salem

On The Job Accident Attorney Salem OR

When an accident happens on the job, a worker or employee may be entitled to certain compensation. These things include medical pay, lost wages, and temporary or permanent disability.

While personal injury representation may be necessary for medical compensation or lost wages, determining how much should be paid out for a disability claim is usually where an attorney becomes more important.

Lakepoint Law Firm is a workers compensation attorney standing by to provide experienced legal support every step of the way.

Attorney Jean Fischer has over 28 years of experience helping people with claims stemming from workplace accidents. If you’ve experienced a incident at work that has left you injured, get in touch today.

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you may need a lawyer.
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What Should You Do If You Experience A Work Injury?

While aggressive counsel may be appropriate for those involved in even the most contested cases, no matter the severity of the worker’s comp claim, there are several steps that always need to be taken:

1. Notify your employer or supervisor and file your claim immediately.

If you’ve been hurt on the job, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury. As soon as possible after the accident, fill out an 801 form and submit it to your employer. This will serve as your official claim of injury.

2. Following the injury, seek medical treatment immediately.

For a strong, linear case record, be sure to tell your doctor the exact nature of the injury and request the doctor complete an 827 form. The 827 form is an official form that will be completed by your healthcare provider.

The 801 and 827 forms both provide for official documentation of the injury and will be important parts of your case file.

3. Upon seeing a doctor for your injury, he or she will likely place restrictions on you.

In order to not jeopardize your benefits, it’s imperative that you follow the restrictions exactly.

Again, for the sake of a thorough case record, get the restrictions in writing if possible. Additionally, a “written off work” or “work restriction slip” for every 30 days off of work are important pieces of documentation – even if your claim has been denied.

4. If your worker’s compensation claim is denied, attorney intervention becomes even more necessary.

It’s also important to note that you only have 60 days from the date of the denial to get a formal appeal filed. If the appeal is not timely filed, you are all but guaranteed to lose your right to appeal – along with any compensation you may have been entitled to.

5. Worker’s compensation claims don’t only result from acute injury on the job.

If you feel repetitive stress due to work has caused a medical condition – and a doctor agrees with you – a claim must be filed within 1 year from your first visit to the doctor. As with most things when it comes to a worker’s comp claim, the sooner you file, the better.

Claims As a Result of a Workplace Accident

Work Related Injuries Salem ORThe final worker’s compensation claim may consist of one or more separate, but related claims. Including:

Medical Claims

Medical complications that arise as a direct result of a workplace accident or work-related activity may entitle you to appropriate compensation. To avoid denial of an otherwise valid claim, it’s important to provide clear, step-by-step documentation of the entire incident and subsequent events that took place because of the incident. If your case is proven, compensation for medical bills may be ordered.

Lost Time Claims

If the workplace injury directly leads to lost time – and therefore lost wages – then you may be eligible for compensation for the time that would have otherwise been paid. For the same reason documentation is important for a medical claim, it’s also equally important for a lost time claim. If you qualify for lost wage recovery, you may be entitled to approximately two-thirds of standard weekly pay.

Death Claims

When an on-the-job accident leads to the death of a family member or defendant, you may be entitled to receive what’s known as “death benefits” through the workers’ compensation program. Following a work-related death, it’s not uncommon for families to incur debts related to the burial or funeral as well as debts related to sudden loss of income in the family.

If you or a family member has experienced an on-the-job or workplace injury, contact Lakepoint Law Firm today for a free, fully-confidential case consultation.

You May Need A Lawyer For A Workers Compensation Claim
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Am I entitled to workers comp? It’s a question that comes up a lot. And our answer to most folks is that it never hurts to pursue if you’ve got a valid injury. Before you file a claim alone, however, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Workers Compensation is a Right

Employees injured on the job have a right to medical care for injuries sustained on the premise and/or in the course of business that are within the normal scope of employment. In many cases of workplace injury, compensation for compensation for temporary or permanent disability is sought and awarded.

It Is Unlawful For An Employer to Terminate Based On A Worker’s Comp Claim

But that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. In an at-will state such as Oregon, proving an employer’s reasons for termination are challenging as it is legal to end the working relationship with an employee for any reason at any time. A strong record of communication with your employer might help, but there is a strong possibility that job loss might occur as a result of a claim. Nevertheless, if compensation is appropriate, an experienced attorney can help.

Employees Cannot Make False Claims

Perhaps the quickest way to lose a workers comp claim is for any part of it to be falsified. If falsehoods are discovered, even in the case of legitimate injury, it is extremely unlikely that the claim will prevail.

Make sure no detail gets left out of your work accident case. Get the facts on your side and seek immediate legal representation.