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Auto Accident Attorney Dallas OR

Auto Accident Attorney

Auto Accident Attorney Dallas ORWithout an auto accident attorney in Dallas, OR on your side, you will likely be pressured by your insurance company to sign off on the first offer they make after an auto accident. It is probably tempting to take whatever money they give you, in order to start medical paying bills and recoup your vehicle loss.

However, the insurance company will also insist you sign away your right to any further compensation. What if the medical bills add up to more than you expected? What if you miss too much work to keep up? Lakepoint Law Firm is here to help you find solutions to these questions. You don’t have to face this alone.

The Auto Accident Attorney Dallas Trusts

In dealing with auto accident cases, it pays to have experience. Something as simple as a missed deadline can amount to a lost settlement. Lakepoint Law Firm’s auto accident attorney, Jean Fischer, has over 28 years handling cases. Every detail of your case is meticulously monitored by Jean and her staff.

When you are in an auto accident the stress can begin to pile up almost immediately. You have probably lost your transportation. You may be in a lot of pain and missing work. You may be out of income while medical bills are adding to your regular monthly payments. All that is a lot to handle while being hounded by your insurance company. Don’t shoulder it alone, call our Lakepoint Law auto accident attorney in Dallas, OR for help.

The Lakepoint attorney and staff compassionately communicate with you, answering all your questions and ensuring you are well informed every step of the way. We make every effort to take in the calls and mail pertaining to your case, in order to take the stress off your shoulders.

Our auto accident lawyer represents cases for:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Semi Truck Accidents
  • Worker Compensation Claims

Auto Accident Compensation

Car Accident Attorney Dallas ORAfter your car accident, have you been missing out on more than just your regular wages? You may be missing overtime hours or bonuses as well. You may be out of certain lifestyle habits you would normally enjoy, such as walking your dog, keeping your home clean, and grocery shopping. Many people do not realize that these considerations can all be taken into account as part of an auto accident settlement. At Lakepoint Law, our auto accident lawyer diligently searches for documentation to make certain all aspects of your financial and lifestyle losses are considered for compensation.

While it is difficult to put a number on pain, Jean has the experience on her side to know just how to do that. She talks to medical providers to make sure future medical expenses are taken into account as well. When you come to us for an auto accident attorney in Dallas, OR, we care about you as an individual. We work with you as a team, keeping you in the loop and in the driver seat throughout the entire process.

Contact us today and let our auto accident attorney in Dallas, OR relieve your stress of handling it alone.

Auto Accident Attorney Dallas, OR

Lakepoint Law Firm enjoys representing people in Dallas, OR for many reasons. Dallas has a wonderful school system, unique local businesses, the Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge, and plenty of vineyards around the area. There is much to enjoy about Dallas, Oregon!