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Auto Accident Attorney Stayton

Auto Accident Attorney

Auto Accident Attorney StaytonYou’ve been in an auto accident but you’re fine because you have insurance, right? Unfortunately, without an auto accident attorney in Stayton to represent you, no one involved is on your side. In a no-fault state like Oregon, each party’s insurance covers their own driver. However, even that is not so cut and dry as it may appear on the surface. To make things more difficult, you expect your own insurance company to be in your corner, but they routinely undervalue the cost of your repairs and even your injuries to save money on their payout. Lakepoint Law Firm offers representation to protect your rights for appropriate compensation.

Jean Fischer puts nearly three decades of experience representing auto accident cases on your side. We work with you, openly communicating what is happening and what you can expect. We take the weight of dealing with the increasing stack of medical bills off your hands and handle them in out office so you can focus on healing.

Your Full Compensation Auto Accident Attorney in Stayton

When it comes to compensation after a car accident, you may not realize all that can be included. There are obvious things, like compensation for your vehicle and medical bills, that most people know about. However, it is common for people to be unaware that the disruption to their daily routine, pain and suffering, and even property loss for items that may have been in your vehicle during the accident can also be included. Our auto accident lawyer in Stayton works diligently to find documentation of your losses, ensuring they are calculated into your compensation.

Some auto accident cases we represent include:

Insurance companies are quick to offer you a check that may sound high but do not consider future medical bills and ongoing services you may need. If you accept their original offer, they have you sign paperwork signing away your rights to seek any further compensation—no matter what expenses come up that are related to the accident. Don’t be pressured into signing away your rights before you even know the full scale of your medical expenses, time out of work, and other unexpected complications.

Why go with Lakepoint Law Firm for your auto accident attorney in Stayton?

Auto Accident Lawyer StaytonBeyond nearly 30 years of experience navigating the auto accident laws in Oregon, our office offers a dedicated staff who put you and your rights at the center of all we do. We do that by offering:

  • Free consultations
  • No fee if we do not earn you financial compensation
  • Same-day appointments when you call us
  • Weekend and evening appointments available
  • Home and hospital meetings available
  • We offer references for you to hear about the work we do

Contact us today to put an auto accident attorney in Stayton on your side.

Auto Accident Attorney Stayton

We are proud to serve the people of Stayton, Oregon.  Stayton has much to offer residents and visitors alike. With ongoing festivals and community hosted farmers’ markets, it has as hometown feel people have come to love.