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Auto Accident Attorney Woodburn

Auto Accident Attorney

Auto Accident Attorney WoodburnWhen you have been in an auto accident, dealing with insurance companies without an auto accident attorney in Woodburn can mean handing away much of your rights and compensation. Insurance companies are well-schooled in depriving accident victims of the full compensation they are entitled to. Don’t let this happen to you. Call Lakepoint Law Firm and put 30 years of aggressive action on your side. We get you the rightful compensation you deserve.

Oregon has confusing laws governing auto accidents. Knowing where to look to get the coverage you signed up for is difficult without representation. You will likely get bounced back and forth between your own insurance company and the other driver’s. Lakepoint Law Firm takes this hassle off your shoulders and allows you to focus on your recovery. Our open and honest communication keeps you informed throughout the whole process. Our experienced auto accident lawyer for Woodburn knows how to get you the most compensation for your property damage, injuries, lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

In a world where the insurance adjuster might well be on the scene of a motor vehicle accident before the police or medical personnel, you need to protect your rights.

Don’t get kicked while you’re down. Call the auto accident attorney Woodburn trusts to fight for your side.

Your Woodburn Auto Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Lawyers WoodburnIn Oregon, auto insurance companies are required to pay your medical and living expenses related to an auto accident, up to your coverage limit. This is called Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and is a required part of your insurance coverage in this state. Your insurance needs to pay this for you, no matter who was at fault in the accident. However, insurance companies commonly deny whatever they can as not related to the accident. They also deny medical care that they deem is not reasonable or necessary. That is why it is so important to have an auto accident attorney fighting for you.

At Lakepoint we talk to your medical providers and get the necessary documentation to argue for your rights. We get the evidence to prove your auto accident injuries are indeed related, and therefore need to be paid.

Some of the auto accident cases we represent include

While an auto accident can happen in a split second, the results can last for months, or even years. Insurance companies will offer you the smallest settlement they can get away with and then pressure you to sign away any future claims for that accident. At Lakepoint our motor vehicle accident attorney will put an end to the bullying.

Some benefits of having our Lakepoint Law Firm auto accident lawyer on your side include

  • Free consultation
  • No fee if financial recovery is not gained
  • Same day appointments

  • Evening and weekend appointments available
  • At-home and in-patient hospital meetings available in Woodburn
  • References available

Make sure your rights are covered. Call Lakepoint Law Firm for representation on your auto accident claim. We can see you right away for your free consultation with our auto accident attorney for Woodburn.

Auto Accident Attorney Woodburn

Woodburn, Oregon is a fast growing area surrounded by scenic farms. Sitting just 35 miles south of Portland, a short drive to Salem, and right on the I-5 corridor, Woodburn is in a great location. With a hometown feel and wonderful cultural diversity, Woodburn has a lot to offer.