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Workers Compensation Attorney Dallas OR

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers Compensation Attorney Dallas ORBeing injured on the job can feel like an overwhelming incident. You are probably worried about your managers feeling upset with you. You may be asked leading questions by the company’s workers’ compensation insurance adjuster, suggesting the injury is not work-related. All of this while you are in pain and medical bills begin to add up. Putting a workers’ compensation attorney in Dallas, OR on your side eases these concerns right away. Lakepoint Law Firm has been representing the rights of people injured on the job for more than 28 years.

Most employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. That requirement is there to protect you in the case of a workplace injury. While this is true, there are some companies who do not carry insurance. What is also true, is that most insurance companies do more work trying to prove the injury is not work-related than they do in approving appropriate compensation for your injuries. In either of these circumstances, you do have rights and they should be protected.

Often times, even when you are offered compensation, you are pressured to sign away any rights to future compensation. What if your medical expenses get higher than expected? What if you are out of work longer than planned? Or worse, what if you are unable to return to your previous duties at all, due to your injuries?

These are the types of questions our workers’ compensation attorney in Dallas, OR shoulders for you. Our attorney and staff take on the tangle of paperwork and the burden of proof that is entwined in workers’ compensation cases.

Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Dallas, OR helps with

  • Medical Claims
  • Lost Time Claims
  • Accident Claims
  • Wrongful Death Claims

The Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dallas Trusts

Workers Comp Lawyer Dallas OROn-the-job injuries are difficult to prove. Without representation, you may feel bullied by your company to drop the claim, although this is not legal. The insurance adjuster may hire a private investigator in hopes of finding evidence against your injury claims. It takes an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to know how to maneuver within these circumstances. At Lakepoint Law Firm, we strive to find the evidence you need to prove your case. We offer time-tested advice and ensure that you are not receiving any harassment during the process. We genuinely listen to you and your concerns while shouldering the stress so you can focus on recuperating.

You have rights under the law. Lakepoint Law ensures those rights are protected. We make every effort to get you the compensation you deserve. Don’t be bullied into less accepting less. Call us as soon as you can, after a workplace injury, and let our workers’ compensation attorney in Dallas, OR represent your rights.

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Workers’ Compensation Attorney Dallas, OR

Lakepoint Law Firm enjoys working with residents of Dallas, Oregon. With wonderful unique qualities that set it apart, such as the Motor VU Drive-In movie theater, the delicious eateries, and the annual Summerfest event there is so much to enjoy in Dallas, OR!