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Workers Compensation Attorney McMinnville

Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney in McMinnville

Workers Compensation Attorney McMinnvilleEmployees who are injured on the job have a right to medical care for any injuries incurred on the premises or in the course of their work duties. Workers’ compensation, in many cases, awards monetary compensation for temporary or permanent disabilities. Workers’ compensation insurance is required of most employers and an employer who does not comply is at risk for financial penalties.
In the case where employers fail to carry this coverage, employees may be covered by a state-operated public uninsured employer fund which can be used to pay benefits. When you need a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in McMinnville, contact your local Personal Injury Attorney at Lakepoint Law Firm.

Get Legal Help For Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workmans Comp McMinnville
When considering a workers’ compensation claim it is important to note that it is illegal for an employer to terminate or refuse to hire an employee for having reported a workplace injury or filed a claim. Unfortunately, it is not easy to prove discrimination on the basis of the employee’s claims history.
Employees cannot claim benefits under false pretenses. When a workers’ compensation claim has been made many employers hire private investigators to review petitioners on the chance that the employee has exaggerated their claim. These workers’ compensation investigators can record video of the employee which may be admissible for trial if privacy restrictions are not violated.
Engaging in sports or other strenuous activity may hurt your possibilities of a benefit award.

In some workers’ compensation claims, employers vigorously contest employee payments. In any contested case, or in any case involving serious injury, a workers’ compensation attorney with specific experience in handling claims on behalf of injured workers should be consulted.

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