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Workers Compensation Attorney Woodburn

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers Compensation Attorney WoodburnGetting injured on the job can feel intimidation. Not only are you probably missing workdays and a regular paycheck, you are also faced with a sea of paperwork while receiving pushy calls from insurance company reps. It is a lot to deal with while trying to heal from an injury. You need a workers’ compensation attorney who can look after your best interest and guide you through the claims process. At Lakepoint Law Firm Jean M. Fischer and her staff are dedicated to taking the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to get back to the business of healing. Jean will work diligently to ensure you are awarded all the compensation you deserve.

In some cases, employers will contest an employee’s injury claim. It is also not uncommon for workers’ compensation insurance companies to deny your injury claim, stating you do not have a legitimate injury or that it did not occur in your place of work. With nearly 30 years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases, Jean fights for your rights and compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When a workplace injury occurs it is important to report the incident and fill out an 801 form right away. When you call our firm early on after the injury, our office can quickly advise you on what needs to be done. We make sure all necessary actions are taken so that your benefits are not jeopardized.

Not only do you need to report the injury and file the right form, you will also need to report the injury to a doctor and be seen by the physician as soon as possible. The doctor will also need to fill out specific paperwork.

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, you are limited to 30 days from the date on the denial letter to file an appeal. There are other deadlines that also come into play throughout the process, each depending on how things progress with your claim, what your doctor finds, and how the insurance company rules on the claim.

In some instances, employers who are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance do not have coverage. In those cases, you may be able to obtain compensation from state funds. Lakepoint Law Firm is here to help you navigate all these ins and outs.
Work Injury Lawyer Woodburn

Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyer helps with

Workers’ compensation cases are difficult to prove, making it important that all the documentation is processed accurately and timely throughout the process. That is why having a workers’ compensation attorney in Woodburn as your advocate can make a huge difference in whether your claim is accepted or denied.

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Lakepoint Law Firm is proud to serve Woodburn and the surrounding areas. We support the diverse culture with an excellent school system in the Woodburn area. Woodburn has a thriving culture and we are proud to be a part of it.