Semi Truck Accident Attorney Salem, OR

Semi Truck Accident Attorney

Semi Truck Accident Attorney Salem, OR

Just about any auto accidents is traumatic, stressful, and costly. Getting involved in a semi truck accident can be even more catastrophic. It is common for victims of accidents involving a commercial truck to suffer long-term medical treatment such as physical therapy, multiple surgeries, intense pain, and even an inability to return to full mobility. Calling Lakepoint Law Firm means getting a knowledgeable and experienced semi truck accident attorney in Salem to represent you.

Don’t Sign Anything Before You Call an Attorney

This kind of ongoing medical treatment and pain management gets costly, fast. Without a semi truck accident attorney in Salem who has extensive experience dealing with this specific kind of accident, you could be stuck paying for some or all of those bills on your own. Many people get an offer for a settlement right away, before they have had time to contact an attorney or assess the full extent of their damages and injuries. This settlement offer can sound like a lot of money, and people are often tempted to take it and close the claim. Don’t let this happen to you. Mounting medical costs, especially when they go on for months or years, can be greater than the victim could ever anticipate.

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Semi Truck Accident Laws

Semi Truck Accident Laws Salem, OR

Knowing the Laws and Regulations

These accidents are not only far more likely to cause serious injuries and fatalities, they follow a completely different set of legal and insurance regulations. These tractor-trailer truck drivers have to follow both federal and Oregon State licensing, insurance, and safety requirements. Knowing these requirements means knowing how to defend you and your rights from a driver who was not adhering to the law.

At Lakepoint Law Firm our staff is experienced and familiar with the laws and regulations that semi truck drivers need to abide. Accidents happen when these safety regulations are broken. Yet, as in the auto insurance industry, the companies insuring commercial trucks do everything they can to avoid liability and by paying you a fair settlement.

In some cases the insurance adjuster is on the scene of a semi truck accident in Salem even before police arrive. Theses adjusters are looking for ways to protect their business and lessen any proof of fault on the driver's part. We at Lakepoint Law Firm know these tactics and the evidence needed to process your claim.

Getting the Evidence

As the Lakepoint semi truck accident attorney in Salem, our staff knows that big-rig drivers need to keep logbooks of the hours they drive. Yet, these logbooks are frequently falsified. Safety equipment, like on-board data recorders, are another regulation meant to keep drivers from being on the road for too many hours. These regulations are in place to keep drivers from falling asleep at the wheel or making poor driving decisions due to fatigue.

This equipment can go missing and information can get erased. Calling Lakepoint Law Firm immediately after the accident means catching these forms of evidence before they disappear. Our law firm will spring into action the moment I get the details of your accident, making sure evidence is safe, and holding the insurance company accountable. Lakepoint Law Firm is your semi truck accident attorney in Salem.

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