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Car Accident Attorney Salem OR

Dealing With Insurance After a Car Accident? An Attorney Can Help

Car Accident Attorney Salem ORCar accidents are traumatic in and of themselves. No one wants to deal with the added stress of arguing with insurance companies. You make your payments to your insurance carrier, so you expect them to be on your side when a car accident happens.

However, what your insurance company may not tell you, is that an insurance claim adjuster’s job is to examine ways to lessen the company’s liability. In addition to top-tier workers compensation attorney services, Lakepoint Law Firm has the aggressive car accident attorney in Salem, OR waiting defend your rights.

Don’t Be At A Loss

When you are in a car accident in Salem there may be damage to more than just your car. You are entitled to compensation for any property that was damaged in the accident. This can include things like expensive eyeglasses, cell phones, laptops.

Of course one of the greatest losses that occur from an accident is the loss of wages. When you are injured and cannot get to work bills can pile up, adding to your level of stress. Oregon laws can be complicated when it comes to the governance of insurance companies and their policies. As a car accident attorney in Salem, I know how to navigate this labyrinth to ensure you recover your maximum coverage.

What’s a No Fault State?

A no-fault state means that the state requires insurance companies to include personal injury protection (PIP) insurance to all auto insurance policies. This requires your insurance to pay for your medical bills while the other driver’s insurance pays for his or her medical bills. It also covers the expenses of passengers in your car, pedestrians, and covers you in case you are hit by an uninsured driver. However, Oregon does not stop a person or insurance company from suing the at-fault driver. Many times insurance companies will sue the insurance of the other drive for all compensation that has been paid out. Individuals can also sue the other driver as being at-fault, often requesting compensation for damages exceeding those covered under his or her PIP coverage.

Car Accident Personal Injury Protections in Oregon

Car Accident Injuries Salem ORPersonal injury protection (PIP) insurance is required for non-commercial vehicles in Oregon. What is commonly know is that it covers wage loss and medical expenses. What is less commonly known is that in some cases it covers loss of services and funeral expenses. Loss of services refers to anyone injured in a car accident who has not been working. It covers household services that are normally done by the injured person, but that cannot be performed due to injuries incurred from the accident.

Unfortunately, insurance companies will sometimes try to deny claims for these types of compensation. Their tactics include requiring you to go to one of their doctors for an independent medical examination. These doctors are hired by the insurance company and often find exclusively in their favor. Having an attorney on your side forces these companies to play fair when dealing with medical expenses and loss of wages.

Settling After a Car Accident

Insurance companies will put up every blockade to keep from paying the fair value of your claim. As a claimant healing from injury and trauma of an accident you should not have to fight this battle. They know the ins and outs, making it difficult for you to find your way through all the red tape and legal wording. We at Lakepoint Law Firm are here to fight the battle for you. More often than not, these companies do not want the added risk and expenses of going to court. As a result you are more likely to obtain a reasonable settlement with the help of an attorney.

Our goal at Lakepoint Law Firm is to make sure you get the best possible settlement. If the at-fault insurance company does decide to fight your claim in court our litigation experience will help you obtain a favorable verdict. We are there to support you every step of the way.